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Game Changes - House Points & Account Expiration
~Headmaster Chaos2020-02-02 09:36:01
A new decade means new changes, the first of which is a change to the core House Point settings.
From now on, the following achievements will see an increased amount of House Points awarded.

Defeating Your Professor: 3 Points (Was 2 Points)
Winning PvP Duels: 10 Points (Was 3 Points)
Gaining a Voldemort Encounter: 20 Points (Was 10 Points)
PvP Own House Member: -50 Points (Was -10 Points)

The second change to be introduced is the extension of character expiration which affects the following.

Level 1 (0 VE) Accounts will now delete after 28 days of inactivity. This is a change from 7 days.

All Accounts (Any Level or Amount of VEs) will now delete after 365 days of inactivity. This is a change from 200 days.
Please note that accounts with the Account Never Expires purchase from the Room of Requirement are exempt from account expiration.

Any suggestions on game improvement and development are welcome. Please submit a Petition with any thoughts you may have.

Thank you.

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Nothing of note happened this day. All in all a boring day.
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