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June & July Birthdays
*Professor* Gunner2020-07-03 02:09:18
It's a new month and as such we have birthdays and events to celebrate!

Allow us to celebrate some special events and birthdays in the wizarding world, as well as wish our wonderful players born in June and July a very Happy Birthday!


1st Carolina Leuzzi
4th BeccaPotter
5th - Draco Malfoy
14th RoseRage
16th Christian
18th - The Battle of the Department of Mysteries
23rd - Dudley Dursley
28th - Dobby, a free elf


3rd ~Deputy Headmistress Aurora
4th - ArceJackson
6th - Avalyn
19th HermioneRue
30th - Neville Longbottom
31st Harry Potter

Here's wishing a very Happy Birthday to our members born in June and July from all of us here at HPO!

If you wish to have your birthday or an event added to the MoTD please owl *Professor* Gunner. Thank you!

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Nothing of note happened this day. All in all a boring day.
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